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Clinical decision support software for
macular disease

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The Problem

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a loss of vision caused by fluid build-up in the retina.  It is the most common causes of blindness in developed countries, affecting 10% of people over 60.

There are currently more than 180 million people suffering from AMD worldwide, with in excess of 25 million suffering from wet (neovascular) AMD in which fluid leaks into the macula.

Highly effective treatment exists, but most AMD sufferers do not receive optimal treatment, even in wealthy countries.

Macuject addresses this shortfall by assisting doctors to see more patients and reach the best treatment decisions more efficiently.
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The Macuject Platform

Macuject is a cloud-based software platform with 3 parts:


Proprietary AI analysis measures fluid in the macula


Review dashboard presents the entire patient history at a glance

Decision tree

Clinical decision tree helps doctors reach their best decisions faster and more reliably
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The Workflow

AMD patients progress through up to 5 stages during the Macuject workflow

Retinal Scan

OCT scans of both eyes

Image Analysis

256 images are processed to measure macular fluid volumes for every clinic visit

Review Dashboard

Review the entire history of fluid volumes, visual acuities and treatment protocols at a glance

Decision Tree

Optimised process guided by fluid findings and clinician preferences


Deliver the selected regimen,
ongoing mangagement

Benefits for Doctors

Clinical Confidence

Reach your decisions faster and more reliably

Ease of Use

Workflow improvement - image analysis, history dashboard and decision tree all on one screen

Data for Audits

Personal benchmarking and clinical audit for clinicians & CPD
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Data Insights

For Doctors

Highlight effective patterns of treatment and potential improvement in outcomes

For Pharma

Link real-world treatment preferences and decisions to drugs and patient outcomes

For Payors

Identify protocols that consistently deliver the best real-world results

Latest News

HIPAA Compliance

February 14, 2024
HIPAA and SOC2 Compliance
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US Commercialization

December 15, 2023
Macuject begins US Commercialization
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AndHealth Plus

November 21, 2022
Macuject Selected for AndHealth+ Award
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