Our Vision

The best decisions lead to the best outcomes

Our Mission

Macuject works with doctors, healthcare organisations, pharma and OCT manufacturers to achieve the best clinical decisions for each patient more confidently, consistently and efficiently.  

We augment doctors’ decision-making with quantitative image analysis, unified patient history dashboards and customisable decision trees, to deliver benefits for patients, doctors, and health systems.

Our Beliefs & Values

Best clinical practice and patient outcomes.
Transparency in decision making.  

Advancement though technology.  

Clear and accessible data enable the best decisions.

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About AMD

AMD is the leading cause of preventable blindness in developed countries.

Wet AMD causes blindness by fluid leakage into the macula from abnormal blood vessel growth. This condition are effectively treated with life-long anti-VEGF injections.Injections are given every 4-12 weeks.

The fundamental aim of all treatment protocols is to maximise vision, with the fewest injections.

A Growing Disease Burden

AMD affects 10% of people over 60, increasing to 20% in people over 75.

Late AMD falls into two types- wet and dry. There are 1.5 million sufferers of wet AMD in the USA and 140,000 in Australia.

The NIH predicts incidence will double from 2010-2050, due to an ageing population and lifestyle factors. These volumes will stress a clinical system already close to maximum capacity and lead to poorer outcomes.

Significant Societal Benefit

Real-world wet AMD vision outcomes are much worse than clinical trial results due to sub-optimal treatment frequency and reduced adherence to treatment protocols.

Adopting a protocol with optimised treatment frequency would increase the 5-year economic return for the USA by between $21Bn and $35Bn.

All stakeholders' interests align around improving wet AMD treatment outcomes.

The Macuject TEAM

Devinder Chauhan

Founder. Chief Executive Officer

Adam Wardell

Chief Commercialisation Officer

Peter Girling

Chief Operating Officer

Bradley Beddoes

Chief Technology Officer

Gihan Samarasinghe

Lead ML Engineer

Steph Mauger

Clinical Success Lead

Giang Do

Platform Operations Lead

Evgenii Neumerzhitckii

Senior Developer

Bianca Power

Software Developer

Adam Yeomans

Software Developer

Charlie O'Neill

Data Analyst

William Du

Artifical Intelligence Engineer

James O'Day

Strategy & Commercialization

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