Clear and Accessible Data

The foundation of optimal clinical decisions


Macuject can provide detailed insights into the performance
of your practice.

Link clinical and workflow patterns to real-world outcomes.

Generate data required for continuous improvement and CPD.


Trial-quality real world data are indispensable for improving patient outcomes and justifying payor investment.

Macuject can provide de-identified insights into real-world outcomes and how they are influenced by patient and doctor decisions.

These data can be used to optimize messaging and recommendations to clinicians.

Regulators and Payors

Payors invest significant sums in the treatment of wet AMD in all developed countries. This investment is clearly warranted and delivers a well documented ROI.

However there remains scope to significantly improve these societal benefits through more finely tuned treatment protocols, as well as improved adherence and persistence.  

Macuject is a powerful tool for applying the protocols and approaches that deliver the greatest real-world benefit.

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