Macuject Completes Alpha Testing

Our first external in-clinic testing completed in Launceston

Launceston Eye Institute is the first external provider to trial Macuject in clinic.

Macuject made a successful first foray in an external real world clinic in the capable hands of retinal specialist Associate Professor Brendan Vote.

A team from Macuject onboarded Prof. Vote's patients in advance of testing, and provided team training to ensure that the clinical workflow progressed smoothly. Macuject staff remained on hand both to assist and observe Prof. Vote's use of the software, gaining invaluable insights to guide future product development.

Prof. Vote and his technical and clinical teams were excited at the prospect of the trial and pulled out all stops to ensure it was a success.

Viewing Macuject's proprietary artificial intelligence macular scan analysis for the first time, he noted “It picks up pretty subtle details...It picks up subtleties better than the human eye. It really is very good.”

The Macuject team thanks Prof Vote and his team for a great welcome and debut; we were made to feel very welcome and look forward to incorporating his suggestions into the software.

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