Beta Testing of Macuject Begins in Clinics across Australia

Staged rollout of Macuject in multiple retinal clinics

Rollout of Macuject's MVP software has begun

Macuject is being rolled out in a staged manner across multiple Australian clinics.

Clinicians will assess Macuject's analysis in busy injection clinics after having completed their regular workflows and software to make clinical decisions. Importantly, because Macuject is in testing only and does not have regulatory approval, it is not being used to support any clinical decisions.

Macuject is collecting extensive and valuable feedback on all aspects of the software, ranging from the quality of the AI image analysis to the ease of use of the interface. These comments and opinions are already informing our development plans.

Ongoing expansion of the testing to other clinics is in preparation, and will continue in a stepwise manner over the coming months.

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