Macuject Awarded BMTH 2 grant

Macuject awarded $948,000 Australian government grant

Macuject receives large government grant

Macuject is honoured to have been awarded the prestigious BioMedTech Horizons 2 (BMTH2) grant for $948,000, funded by the Australian government’s Medical Research Futures Fund and administered by MTPConnect.  

Macuject was one of only nine projects funded in this hugely oversubscribed round, with the process of selection involving more than three rounds of intense panel discussion, diligence and deliberation.

Along with the research and development tax incentive (RDTI), the BMTH2 grant provides vital assistance for Macuject. We appreciate both the opportunity and responsibility associated to make Macuject a success and help Australians and patients around the world achieve and maintain better vision. 

This grant will boost Macuject towards its goal of helping the greatest number of people receive the highest quality of injection treatment globally for wet macular degeneration. 

The funds will initially be used to develop our artificial intelligence and clinical decision support software and introduce it into clinics for testing and development. We look forward to bringing you news of our progress, now accelerated by this grant.

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